VIPER16LV AC/DC Converter 800V 60KHz

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The VIPER16LN is an Offline Converter with an 800V avalanche ruggedness power section, a PWM controller, user defined overcurrent limit, protection against feedback network disconnection, hysteretic thermal protection, soft start up and safe auto restart after any fault condition. It is able to power itself directly from the rectified mains, eliminating the need for an auxiliary bias winding. Advance frequency jittering reduces EMI filter cost. Burst mode operation and the devices very low consumption both help to meet the standard set by energy saving regulations.
  • PWM operation with frequency jittering for low EMI
  • No need of auxiliary winding for low power
  • Limiting current with adjustable set point
  • On-board soft-start
  • Safe auto-restart after a fault condition
  • Hysteretic thermal shutdown
  • 60kHz Operating frequency
  • <30mW at 230VAC Standby power
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