Velleman TKCP4G Top cover enclosure Grey 215x130x83mm

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The top cover range offers a practical, economical packaging solution for small or medium-sized electronic devices or circuitry.
The design permits easy machining and the top panel is well suited for the installation of meters, readouts, etc.
Mounting PCB's is easy thanks to the integral PCB guides on the inside.
The enclosures are made of ABS or polystyrene with either aluminium or plastic panels.
Two-tone ABS enclosure. The cover is always executed in light grey and has four integral PCB mounting studs. Glossy surface finish. The cover is fixed with four screws.


  • material: ABS
  • dimensions: 215.0 x 130.0 x 82.9mm
  • colour: dark grey with light grey panel
  • weight: 295g
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