Velleman K8094 Extended Record - Playback module

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The K8094 allows you to record and play messages of up to 8 minutes long.
Recording speed is continuously adjustable so that you can choose a perfect compromise between duration and sound quality. It also allows you to generate funny sound effects. Messages are retained in memory at power loss. The unit comes complete with microphone, line level in- and output and an output for a small speaker. Applications: Play messages in musea, stores, interactive installations, scale models, toys, as doorbell, gadget, etc…


  • record duration:
    • standard quality: 8 minutes
    • high quality: 2 minutes 40s.
  • built-in microphone
  • line level in- and output
  • pushbutton control (suited for open collector control)


  • power supply: 9...12VDC
  • consumption:
    • idle: <15mA
    • playback: 100mA max.
  • speaker output: 500mW (8 ohm - 10% THD)
  • adjustable sample speed: 4...12KHz
  • memory write up to: 100.000 recordings
  • operating temp. range: 0..50°C / 32...122°F
  • dimensions (WxDxH): 110x75x25mm / 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.98"
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