Velleman K8038 Power Dimmer, Push button controlled, 1000W

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  • powerful high-quality dimmer, suitable for incandescent lamps, mains voltage halogen lighting and low voltage halogen lighting in combination with a conventional (wire wound) transformer
  • easy push-button operation for dimming of light sources.
  • phase control can be disabled
  • non-volatile memory for last set light intensity
  • lots of safety features to make lamps last as long as possible, such as "oftstart" and automatic turn-off after 12h or after 20min at too low intensity
  • transformer protection in case of defective light sources
  • LED status indication


  • suppression of radio & TV interference according to EN55015
  • operating voltages: 110-125V or 220-240V AC (50/60Hz)
  • max. load: 1000W/230V or 500W/115V (5A)
  • max. phase shift with inductive load: 30°
  • dimming speed: ± 5 sec.
  • PCB dimensions: 90 x 75 x 40mm / 3.5 x 2.9 x 1.6"
  • ambient temperature: 10°C to 40°C
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