TC1044SCPA DC/DC Adjustable Charge Pump Voltage Converter, 1.5V to 12V in, -12V to -1.5V/20 mA out

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The TC1044SCPA is a DC-to-DC charge-pump Voltage Converter converts a 1.5 to 12V input to a corresponding -1.5 to -12V output using only two low cost capacitors, eliminating inductors and its associated size and EMI. Added features include an extended supply range to 12V and a frequency boost pin for higher operating frequency, allowing the use of smaller external capacitors. It is pin-compatible upgrade to the Industry standard TC7660 charge-pump voltage converter. The on-board oscillator operates at a nominal frequency of 10kHz. Frequency is increased to 45kHz when pin 1 is connected to V+. Operation below 10kHz (for lower supply current applications) is possible by connecting an external capacitor from OSC to ground.
  • Easy to use - Only two external capacitors required
  • No external diode required for high voltage operation
  • RS-232 Negative power supply
  • Converts 5V logic supply to ±5V system
  • 99.9% Efficient voltage conversion
  • 98% Excellent power efficiency
  • 80µA at VIN = 5V Low power consumption
  • Up to 10kV improved ESD protection
  • No external diode required for high voltage operation
  • Frequency boost raises FOSC to 45kHz
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