Quad 606 - 707 - 909 Basic Upgrade and Revision Kit

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All the components you need to upgrade the boards of your Quad 606 MK-1 or MK-2.

Audiograde capacitors & Polystyrene Audio-grade capacitors, silver-plated PCB connectors, metal-film resistors, Hi-Q internal cabling, gold-plated RCA connectors.

The step-by-step upgrade manual will advise you how to do the upgrade yourself. You will get 7/7 e-mail support.

Options: 12x MJ15003 transistors for replacing the power-transistors & 4x BHC Aerovox (Kemet) 10.000µF 63V capacitors are not included in the kit but can be found elsewhere in the Dada Electronics Webshop.

The upgrade / revision manual can be downloaded in the Download section.

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