Quad 405 Upgrade and Revision Kit

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Everything you need to do a full revision of your 405 yourself!

  • Online step-by-step instructions in Pdf format available in the Download-section of this website. 
  • 7/7 help via e-mail in several languages
  • High-end capacitors for the power-supply
  • Audio-grade electrolyt capacitors & metal-film resistors for the circuits
  • The hard-to-find bipolar caps are included
  • Burr Brown or TI OPA604 opamps (OPA627 as an option) 
  • Gold-plated LS and RCA-connectors
  • Really everything is included, even thermal compound, cable and silver-plated PCB-connectors
  • The kit is suited for al versions of the Quad 405. 

You can download the Upgrade / Revision manual in the Download section.

The picture is only for illustrative purposes.

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