Quad 405 High-end board v3 - With OPA604

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Upgrade your 405 to the highest standards.

  • Based on the original Quad 405-2 schematics, latest version
  • All tweaks & improvements known built in
  • Burr Brown or TI OPA604 High-end opamp
  • Only high-end components (Nichicon, Wima MKS4 or equivalent, Audio-grade High-power inductor, Fscex caps, 1% metal-film resistances, top-quality transistors, MJ15003 Power-transistors...)
  • Silver-plated connectors
  • Completely tested & calibrated with professional lab-equipment
  • High-quality epoxy Double-Sided PCB
  • No output-current limiters, output up to 8A
  • 100% mechanical & electrical compatible with the 405-1 and the 405-2 
  • Perfect match for the Dada Electronics Dual-mono Power supply and the Loudspeaker protection/delay
  • Protected against wrong power-connection 
  • 1 year full warrantee by Dada Electronics
  • The sensitivity can be set to 0,500V, 0,775V (=0 dBm), 1,00V or 1,500V on demand
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