Dada Electronics Loudspeaker Protection-Delay

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This is the no-compromise High-End version of the DC-protection / Delay circuit.

No switch-on/off noises like “Plop” or “Pmp” anymore.

Protects your valuable speakers against DC voltage from the output of your amplifier when something is wrong.

Outperforms the original Quad 'Clamp' circuit. The clamp board or components on the module can be removed.

A led is used to indcate the activation of one of the protection circuits.

Designed for Quad transistor amplifiers, but can be used with almost any other transistor amplifier up to 500W RMS.

Fixed delay: 3 to 5 seconds. Other values on request.

AC detection: Immediate switch-off when mains power is removed from the amplifier. The AC detection is done via an optic coupler so no ground loops or other related problems.

Runs on the DC power supply of the amplifier 35 - 90V DC. 30V to 35V on request

No separate mains power needed. Less mains-power leads inside the amplifier means less induced hum.

Audio Grade loudspeaker relay (the only one we know of) - very low contact resistance, double contact, one heavy duty and one gold plated silver contact, the gold contact closes after the heavy duty contact and opens before the heavy duty contact.

DC sensing and protection must be used when you have an amplifier with symmetric power-supply. It can be switched off by removing a jumper, when you have an amplifier with output-transformers and a single power supply or output-capacitors. With this option the relay contact can switch the loudspeaker without any galvanic connection with the rest of the amplifier.

Mono design. The unit can be used with amplifiers which are built as four pole devices, like the Quad 520 and 606 range when a 405 is fitted with Dada's double PSU in full floating mode. Of course you can also use them with the normal 405 power supply.

For use in a Stereo amplifier you need 2 modules. The module has been developed by Dada and JP Engineering for the Quad amplifiers but it can be used with every amplifier up to 500W RMS.

Dimensions: 89 x 24 x 28 mm (lenght,Dept,Hight)























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