DACT CT-conn1 Connector leads - Gold Plated

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CT-conn1 is a connector kit that makes it easy to connect DACT audio attenuators and audio balance controls.

CT-conn1 consists of a 3-pin header with gold plated contacts. To each of the three contacts, there is attached a 30mm (12”) long wire. The wires are made using copper conductors that are individually silver coated. The outer insulation is made of Teflon.

CT-conn1 is a safe alternative for those who do not like to solder wires directly onto the switch contact or solder the switch directly into a PCB.

Using CT-conn1 makes a good and reliable connection due to the contacts being gold plated. Also, the CT-conn1 may easily be removed and re-fitted, hence allowing problem-free use of the switch for new applications.

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