Cable Sleeve - Flexible - 20mm x 5m Black

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Elastic sleeves are used for bundling and protecting wires, cables and hoses. They are composed of multiple monofilament threads (e.g. nylon, polyester, PET …) braided together.

Nylon sleeves have more strands than polyester sleeves, giving them a smoother feel. They are less susceptible to fraying than polyester sleeves and will be harder to melt with a heat gun. Due to the tight braiding, nylon sleeves will be less elastic than polyester sleeves, so selected sleeve diameter should be closer to the actual diameter of the cable(s).

Nylon sleeves are characterized by their extreme flexibility, high strength, toughness and resistance to abrasion.

Applications: computer/audio cables, automotive wiring, …


  • material: braided PET
  • lightweight
  • flexible
  • extremely durable
  • easy to apply
  • cost effective
  • conformity: IEC 60695-11-20 Class V-1


  • color: black
  • dimensions: 20mm x 5m
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