ADP2291 Battery charger Li-Ion battery, 12V input, 4.242V/1.5 A charge

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The ADP2291ARMZ-R7 is a constant-current/constant-voltage Linear Charger for a single-cell, Li-ion battery, requiring just a few components to provide a simple and safe charging system that operates from a wide 4.5 to 12V input voltage range. It features an internally controlled, multistep charging cycle that improves battery life. An external, low cost PNP provides the charging current to the battery and an external resistor sets the maximum charge current. A small, external capacitor programs the maximum charge time. The controller includes an LED driver to indicate the battery charging status. Safety features include charging stop mode for battery faults, output overshoot protection and thermal shutdown. The ADP2291 also features automatic reverse isolation, which does not require an additional blocking diode. The multistep charge cycle optimizes the battery charging time in a safe manner.
  • PNP external pass element
  • Automatic reverse isolation with no external blocking diode
  • Output overshoot protection
  • Deep discharge precharge mode
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Automatic recharge
  • Programmable termination timer
  • LED charging status indicator
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