22µH 0,92A Choke

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BC (bobbin core) chokes are HF chokes with a copper-wire winding on a special ferrite drum core. The plastic sleeve is flame-retardant. Colour coding is achieved by using rings in accordance with IEC publication 62. The chokes are available on one-piece tapes (suitable for automatic assembly).


  • conformal coated inductors
  • special magnetic core structure contributes to high Q and Self-Resonant Frequencies (S.R.F.)
  • epoxy coated for better reliability
  • wide inductance range
  • ideal for auto insertion


  • inductance: 22µH
  • tolerance: 10%
  • rated current: 920mA
  • DC resistance: 0.09 ohm
  • S.R.F: 157MHz
  • Q min: 50
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