Soldering Flux Paste 30g

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This product is widely used in PCB, BGA, CSP and other packaging, soldering, repair areas. All raw materials are finest, no halogen and Lead-free, the activity is good, and performance is stable. It can be used in precision soldering. The solvent added to the paste is organic and resin. The viscosity is moderate, the rheology is good.



  • appearance and colour: transparency liquid
  • odour: slightly pungent smell
  • pH value: 4 - 5
  • flammability: non combustible
  • density (g/cm³): 0.77-0.795
  • boiling point: 235-255 °C
  • melting point: 130-150 °C
  • decomposition temperature: does not decompose easily
  • solubility: insoluble in water
  • weight: 30 g
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