Kontakt Chemie 40 Anti-corrosion lubricant 200mL

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The KONTAKT 40 200ML is a low-viscosity penetrating mineral-oil-based corrosion-protection Lubricating Oil suitable for the recovery treatment of components, damaged by water, because it has excellent water displacement qualities. Good wetting of metals also makes it a multi-purpose lubricant. KONTAKT CHEMIE Kontakt 40 forms a thin, virtually invisible fluid film of mineral oil. It gets therefore into fine pores and gaps and readily penetrates through dirt and corrosion layers. It is also suitable for the corrosion protection of electrical contacts in low-voltage engineering. It will do an excellent job in any mechanical workshop as a lubricant and corrosion protector and for loosening corroded screws and other fasteners.
  • 250°C Ignition temperature
  • <=120°C Heat resistance
  • 200mL
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