EDU06 Oscilloscope Tutor Kit

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Learn how to get the most out of your digital oscilloscope. The board generates a number of safe 'real-world' signals, which we will use to perform measurements. Get familiarized with AC, DC and frequency measurements, sine and square waves, power supply ripple, full and half wave rectifiers, oscillators etc…

Learn what terms such as V/div, Time/div, trigger level, auto-setup etc… mean.  The experiments can be done with any digital storage scope. Some experiments can be performed with an analog scope.


  • signals:
    • alternating current (AC)
    • adjustable AC
    • full- and half wave rectified AC
    • smoothed direct current (DC)
    • ripple
    • astable oscillator
  • assembled and tested, no soldering required


  • power supply: 9...12VAC / min.100mA (adapter not incl.)
  • dimensions: 116x74x24mm / 4.6x2.9x0.9"
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